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Yakko Japanese Restaurant
Yakko Japanese Restaurant
975 W Dana Street, Mountain View, CA 94041
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Yakko Japanese Restaurant

975 W Dana Street, Mountain View, CA 94041

Yakko is serving up healthy, fresh Japanese cuisine packed with flavor. We pride ourself on serving quality food that leaves you feeling energized, satiated, and not uncomfortably full! You can experience a huge range of textures and flavors and still leave the table feeling energized when you eat Japanese. Here at Yakko, we love making new Japanese food-fanatics!

Many of our dishes work equally well as an appetizer or part of your main meal. Choose a sushi roll or sashimi to whet your appetite. We offer a variety of ultra-fresh sashimi, including yellowtail, sake and maguro. You know it's fresh when it melts in your mouth! We make sure that all our sushi rice is flavored just right with vinegar so that it makes the perfect accompaniment to our fish.

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We specialize in delicious and creative rolls of our own design. Our New Girlfriend roll includes tasty eel, cucumber and spicy crab. It's truly as fresh and exciting as a new girlfriend! Order a White Night roll and enjoy the mild and creamy flavors of avocado and tuna sashimi in soybean paper. Don't be shy about ordering a Screaming Orgasm, or you'll miss the winning combination of daikon, tangy ponzu and tuna. However, there's not much that goes better with our hot sake than a Temptation roll, which mingles the flavors of eel, avocado and a crunchy mound of fried potato strings. You've never had anything like it!

If you’re not a fan of sushi, we’ve got tons of other options! Come for lunch and enjoy a customer favorite: our Bento Box special. You'll love the variety of tasty little dishes we pack into our boxes, including dumplings, rolls, teriyaki, tempura, salad, miso and more. Noodle fans will fall in love with our udon and soba, hearty noodles in a mild broth.

Yakko has had the pleasure of serving Mountain View for almost four decades! We take pleasure in being one of the Bay Area's favorite destinations for authentic and creative Japanese cuisine.

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